Case study: Smart Sauna

The client needed a completely new product design that will enable monitoring and control of sauna via cloud system.
Intended use of this system is for predictive maintenance, better insight into sauna usage, remote control and remote technical support.

The system includes 4 boards:
– Wi-Fi gateway
– sensor board
– control board
– high current heater control board.

Main control board is reading data from sensor board, forwarding information to gateway board which connects to AWS cloud service.
Information about heaters and current consumption is collected from “high current board” and forwarded to the AWS cloud.
Firmware supports over-the-air updates, sauna scheduling, stove fan control and monitoring.

Sensor board includes:
– Air quality sensor
– Humidity and temperature sensor
– Infrared temperature sensor
– Acoustics (noise) sensor

Control board contains isolated inputs and heater control outputs, but also circuitry for monitoring heater current consumption via isolation transformers and current measurement chip.

ARS did the following:
-Hardware design
-Firmware development
-PC software for device configuration
-Integration of device with AWS cloud service
-Software for creating and flashing unique SSL keys
-Manufacturing support