Month: October 2019

Environmental tests for your electronic product

In this text we would like to share with you the information on environmental testing that may be required for your electronic product. The most convenient way to explain this would be to use practical example, so here we will list the tests that we have performed in-house in our environmental chamber, during development of […]

Properties of secure IoT device

Industry largely underestimates the critical need for the highest levels of security in every network connected device. Even the most mundane device can become dangerous when compromised over the Internet: a toy can spy or deceive [1], an appliance can launch a denial of service [2] or self-destruct, a piece of equipment can maim or […]

Product Approvals & CE Marking – In a Nutshell

If you are “placing products on the market within the EU” then you should always evaluate any possible legislative rules that may apply. The “Blue Guide” on the implementation of EU product rules provides a comprehensive guide. However, at around 150 pages, you may find that a time consuming read, so here is our summary….. […]