Interview – Danilo Marić, QA Engineer

As we previously announced, the stories from our “Jedi Order“ will bring you closer to our work and the atmosphere in the company.

Danilo Marić – QA Engineer, ARS Embedded SystemsThis time, our “Jedi“ comes from another position – QA Engineer, Danilo Marić, shares his experiences on the current position and describes his favourite parts of the job.
  1. How long have you been working here? Can you tell us a little more about your role?

I have been in the ARS since December 2020. I work in the position of a QA (Quality Assurance) engineer. The main role of QA is to test the product, find and eliminate all the shortcomings and flaws in the process, and in that way improve its quality.


  1. What technologies are you working on? What do you like about that work?

The thing that makes the projects I am working on extremely interesting is that I am in contact with a lot of different systems. I am working with hardware, and on the other hand, I have access to the software. The testing process itself requires knowledge of several different technologies, about which I am constantly learning new things, so it never gets boring. I work with different operating systems, testing tools, do the project management, use DevOps platform, Cloud, some devices with listening sensors.. it’s really colourful.


  1. Can you describe the projects you are working on, what exactly are you in charge of?

I am currently working on an alarm system development project. The thing that makes it different from most systems we’ve seen so far is that it belongs to the so-called IoT (internet of things) technology, so to say, there are no wires and cables.  It’s easy to install, and use. I am in charge of checking and testing the functionality of the system.

Boundary, smart home alarm system Boundary, smart home alarm system


  1. What is the most interesting part of your job?

When you say you’re working on developing an alarm, it may not sound particularly interesting. However, when you take a look at how many different systems I work with every day, the last thing you’d think of is monotony and routine, and that is what is important to me.


  1. What makes you proud to work here?

Colleagues, definitely! They are hardworking and smart people from whom I learn every day, and with whom I also hang out privately. Besides that, I am proud that we have created a global product that successfully competes with the giants in today’s industry.


  1. When did you have the most fun at work? What did you enjoy?

Because of the whole covid-situation that’s disturbed us, I had very few opportunities to spend time with my colleagues in person, so those moments when we would get together are really dear to me. There were some trainings, New Year’s gathering, etc.


  1. What trainings have you had so far for your career development, knowledge, and skills?

Since the beginning of my work in the company, I’ve participated in various individual, team and collective trainings. Trainings were organized to improve communication and increase work efficiency within the team and the company, as well as in work with clients, after which, the ultimate goal was to increase productivity.

There were trainings organized to improve team and project organization, where new techniques and technologies were adopted to offer more efficient process management and supervision. One of those methodologies was SCRUM, where by switching to the so-called agile approach, we have structured and improved the process of product development and delivery.

Surely, I must emphasize that I very much appreciate the personal development trainings, which brought us knowledge and skills in assertive communication, time planning, teamwork, delegation, giving and receiving feedback, and resolving conflicts.

I also had trainings to improve the testing process such as QA manual testing, Gitlab Continuous Integration / Delivery, etc., which are extremely helpful to me, because I use what I’ve learned in every day’s practice.


Soon we’ll bring another story from our “Order“, yet from another perspective and position.