Modern systems combine different control and automation techniques.
Demand for efficiency and productivity is constantly growing, thus increasing the number of interconnected sensors and devices in a system. Besides displaying locally on various displays, measured values are very often sent
to cloud for further and more detailed analysis.

Our solutions include:

- Analog and digital sensors (temperature, humidity, proximity, light)
- Industrial communication (RS485, RS232, ethernet, powerline)
- Wireless connectivity (GSM/GPRS, Xbee, 802.15.4)
- Actuators (servo and step motors, relays)
- Protection circuitry
- LED matrix and 7-segment displays
- Power supplies with battery backup
- Status monitoring via cloud software


Consumer market is changing rapidly always demanding higher quality, new functionalities and longer battery life. On the other hand, technical constraints are getting more challenging in terms of enclosure size, mechanical stress, waterproofing, etc. Shrinking in size is causing increase in complexity of PCB technology and assembly process. But that is not all, for most devices, cloud connectivity is assumed, which requires interdisciplinary approach in integration of hardware, firmware, mobile and cloud.

Our solutions include:

- Accelerometers for motion detection, pedometers and calories algorithms
- Multiple motion sensors and complex motion recognition
- Battery chargers and power supply
- Displays and buttons for interaction with user
- Bluetooth connectivity for control and data exchange via smartphone
- High speed USB connection for fast file transfer to PC or MAC
- Flash memory for file storage (audio, video, log files, etc.)
- Digital microphone arrays for sound capturing
- Ultra low power MCUs

Internet of things

IoT has been expandend to offer advanced connectivity of devices, systems, and services that goes beyond machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and covers a variety of protocols, domains, and applications. The interconnection of these embedded devices (including smart objects), is expected to usher in automation in nearly all fields, while also enabling advanced applications like telemetry, and expanding to the areas such as smart cities.

Our solutions include:

- Wireless connectivity (GSM/GPRS, WiFi, BLE, LORA, 802.15. Xbee, ZigBee, etc)
- Network connectivity (Ethernet, RS485)
- Sensors (temperature, air, humidity, UV light, smoke detectors, etc)
- MCUs (both low power and high performance ARM)
- USB connectivity for data exchange and configuration
- Battery chargers and power supply


Security systems are, most often, designed to detect intrusion (unauthorized entry) into a building or area, but beside detection, the system should also serve for prevention and notification of critical events or hazards.

Our solution include:

- SMS or phone call notification to the user
- Alarm notification
- Control of system via smartphone
- Connectivity with remote (wireless) sensors
- Motion sensors for detecting movement of secured objects
- Battery backup power supply and chargers
- Low power mcu
- Position tracking via GPS
- USB connectivity for parameter configuration via PC or MAC
- Status monitoring via cloud software

Cloud, desktop & mobile

Today's modern systems, in most cases, include some way of connectivity and user interaction,whether it is simple SMS notification or complete cloud solution with different user roles, database and data analysis. Many systems include interaction between smartphone, cloud and electronics device.

Our solutions include:

- Desktop application development in C# or Java
- Cloud applications in PHP, JavaScript or Python
- Integration with AWS or Azure IoT cloud service
- Android smartphone application development in Java or C++
- IOS and OSX application development in C++
- MySQL database
- SMS notification service implementation
- Integration with OpenStreet or Google Maps
- Desktop apps for interaction with hardware device via USB, Ethernet or RS232
- GUI design


Designed with compliance in mind

We design products according to the applicable laws and standards. In the development stage we can perform pre-compliance tests and EMC expert review in order to speed up certification process. Also, together with our EMC lab, we organize final compliance tests and create all the necessary procedures and reports.

DFX - Designed for Excelence

We apply the Design for Excellence (DFX) principles.

This means your product will be designed by applicable PCB design standards (e.g. IPC-2221), it will be easy for manufacturing, testing and procurement of all components.

Your intellectual property (IP) is safe with us

We treat your and our IP very seriously.Your IP is protected by EU and international laws.
After the project is completed
and all invoices are paid, we will transfer the complete project IP and know-how to you. Also, before sharing details about the project we will sign a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.