Electronics development

Designed with passion

Our passion is electronics and building physical products. If you are looking for a design service that is dependable and performed by engineers who enjoy doing the work, scroll down.

We will help you go from idea to final product by taking  care of the complete electronics design cycle.

Electronics development | PCB Design

Schematics & PCB Design

  • Schematics capture
  • Analog and digital electronics design
  • Design review
  • Circuit simulation
  • Bill of materials
  • Multilayer, high-speed
  • Rigid – flex
  • 3D model of PCB
  • Enclosure integration, 3D printing
  • Production files
  • Design review (layout, EMC, IPC standards)

Proven Hardware Blocks

Over time, we designed and tested many electronic circuits, converting them into reusable building blocks. This will reduce design risks and speed up development of your product.

ARS | Firmware solutions

Design for Excellence - DFX

We apply the Design for Excellence (DFX) principles.

Your product will be designed by applicable PCB design standards (e.g. IPC-2221).
It will be easy for production, testing and procurement of all components.

"7 gates" PCB design process

Our design process will save you cost on prototype re-spins and enable faster time to market with increased production yield.
This is a result of our experience, standardized into process with design checklists and gate reviews.

7-Gates PCB Design Process

Advanced equipment to verify your product design

Your product design will be verified with advanced test equipment. This will ensure that it meets quality requirements.

PCB Thermal characterisation

Thermal imaging is used to check that your electronic product does not have critical points that are overheating. This will ensure it works reliably in the field, without expensive failures.

Electronics development | Thermal imaging

EMC Pre-compliance testing

Achieving regulatory compliance is the big issue for electronic products.
Our in-house testing will speed-up approval of your product by doing EMC pre-compliance tests during the design stage.


Environmental Testing

Early identify design flaws and establish the range of temperatures in which your product will operate reliably. Ensure that your product meets consumer expectations and industry guidelines. Find out what would be an estimated product life expectancy.

Electronics development | Environmental Testing

3D Printing

Ensure that your electronics and enclosure integration is seamless.
Advanced 3D printer is used to print enclosure prototypes and other mechanical parts, saving you time on prototyping and reducing number of additional design iterations.



Some examples of projects where we took care of whole process from concept to final product that is ready for manufacturing.

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