Firmware development

Igniting the spark of life

Only designing the printed circuit board is not enough to satisfy passionate geeks like us. We want to create a product with soul, give life to it and make it do something meaningful.

For us, firmware development is more than coding, it represents the ignition of life spark.

We have gained wide experience in developing custom firmware solutions with various microcontroller platforms, including algorithms development, communication and connectivity stacks, real-time operating systems, IoT and various codec support, which gives us competitive edge when it comes to tight project budget and deadlines.


Proven building blocks

We have a large number of in-house firmware components which contain field-tested low-level drivers, firmware libraries and algorithms that could be quickly integrated into a final product, thus significantly accelerate firmware development and testing.

Support from HW team

Having hardware and firmware expertise at one place enables faster development, since the hardware can be designed with firmware in mind from the very start. Also, firmware engineers have the support from hardware team when it is the most needed, eliminating the unnecessary delays in communication and troubleshooting.

Managed firmware development process

Firmware development process

Our in-house agile development process enables high quality of the final firmware. The code is written according to our in-house coding standard, based on customized MISRA C and many years of experience. Firmware development process includes: requirement analysis, architecture, development, git version control, code reviews, debugging with TRACE tools, static analysis and testing which includes systems tests, integration tests and unit tests.
Testing process is in compliance with ISTQB recommendations.

Agile methodology

Whole firmware development process is organized by following the agile methodology using sprints, thus enabling the highest flexibility and allowing the client to introduce changes into requirements when necessary.

ARS | Sprints solutions


  • Algorithms (motion processing, digital filtering, audio processing, compression)
  • Sensors and calibration (Pressure, humidity, temperature, CO2, UV, light, NH3)
  • Communication stacks (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Thread, GSM, etc.)
  • RTOS
  • Displays (TFT, LCD, touch)
  • IoT Server connectivity (AWS, Azure, IBM bluemix)
  • Yocto Linux

ARS | Firmware solutions

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