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Need a product that connects to cloud or mobile phone? We keep you covered.

Our team is specialized in development of connected products, covering both hardware and software, thus enabling faster integration and helping you to focus on important things, rather than dealing with multiple development partners.

But aren’t we a hardware company by the core?

Yes, we are proud of being a hardware team! That is why we keep our focus only on the software that is “connected” to some hardware product.

Why do we deal with software anyway?

During the years we have witnessed products becoming connected, so for us, dealing with another development partner, who works only with software, was very often complicated, due to difficulties in finding issues, sharing the responsibilities and lack of understanding of hardware level communication by “pure” software teams. We simply needed a better way how to develop a connected product.

ARS | Software development

What kind of software are we developing?

  • Desktop applications for connecting the hardware product
  • Linux hosted Cloud applications for IoT devices
  • Integration with Azure or AWS IoT cloud service
  • Android smartphone applications in Java or C++
  • IOS and OSX applications in C++

Software development process

Our in-house agile development process enables high quality of the final software.

The code is written according to relevant coding standards and many years of experience. Software development process includes: requirement analysis, architecture, development, git version control, code reviews, debugging and testing which includes systems tests, integration tests and unit tests.
Our testing process is following ISTQB recommendations.

Agile methodology

Whole software development process is organized by following the agile methodology using sprints, thus enabling the highest flexibility and allowing the client to introduce changes into requirements when necessary.

ARS | Sprints solutions


Our team has been engaged in development of software for desktop, cloud and smartphones, but also for interfaces of a large number of different devices with USB, RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, GSM/GPRS, GPS and touch screen.

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