Who we are?

Our company is devoted to development of reliable electronics products and software solutions. Together with our partners, we offer a complete service from electronics and firmware development to prototype assembly, component sourcing and manufacturing.

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Our team

The company relies on young and highly motivated professionals who live in a hi-tech dream about connected and smart world. In each of our devices, we are embedding a small piece of our dream.

Over the years company’s team have accumulated great know-how in designing and producing electronics devices. Experience is also accumulated from the feedback of existing and potential customers, which gave the company deep knowledge of customer’s needs.

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Why should I work with ARS?

Hardware is really hard. While coming up with a brilliant idea is great, you need someone who already experienced the complexity of walking the whole path from idea to delivering functional hardware product. It is not just bridging a gap, it is a shortcut based on rich experience and cure for a lot of headache causes. We are not an ordinary design house, we are your partner.

Why ARS?

We care

Success of our client is also our success. As a small global company, every client makes important fragment of our business and everyday life.


Building trust takes time and a lot of work. That is why we are striving to keep our important core competences: service, consistency and transparency.


We are striving to ensure high quality of our work. With the well-defined procedures and great experience in development there are no details that can surprise us.


In these tough times every person counts. We are enabling our clients to expand their capabilities and grow their business.

One stop shop

We are providing our client peace of mind. He can let us take care of the complete development cycle, from idea to concept, schematics, pcb development, prototype firmware and volume production.

Costs reduction

Thanks to our competitive rates, we are enabling our clients to reduce their development costs and boost profit without compromising final outcome.

Business model

Extended office

Our team can be a part of existing development team. This is a perfect solution for clients who need to extend their development capabilities or simply need to outsource resource consuming tasks.

Per project cooperation

This model is applied when a client has a specific project or modules that needs to be developed. The whole project is managed by ARS and the whole responsibility for timelines and delivers is solely on ARS.

Joint R&D projects

ARS is interested in joint cooperation in development of innovative technology and products. If there is a mutual interest, ARS might co-invest the project together with the client.