What we do?

Converting idea to the final electronic product is a very complicated process.

We help companies who want to build an electronic product, but do not have skills or in-house resources to do it properly.

Our expertise is focused on the development of connected products, taking the whole system approach, from sensors to connectivity.


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Our story

It all started more than a decade ago, just out of pure passion for electronics.  As for every engineering nerd, dealing with electronics full-time at work was not enough for our founder. He was also designing products for fun at free time and over weekends. Other people started asking him to do custom design for them. Ultimately, there was so much work that he had to quit his daily job and get a few friends to help him with all that stuff. Finally, that converted to a company.

Company grew rapidly over the years and now we have a complete and well-rehearsed engineering team that can take on complex challenges.

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Why should I work with ARS?

Hardware is really hard. Coming up with an idea is great, but you need someone who experienced the whole path from idea to delivering functional product. You will profit from our rich experience that will help you avoid a lot of headache.

We are not an ordinary design house, we are your partner.

Why ARS?



You will get full deposit refund within 30 days of our cooperation start if you are not happy.
You can count on us to live up to our commitments.
You can trust us to be honest with you and not sugarcoat anything.
You will get proven designs based on our previous real-world project experiences.


Freedom of choice

You will not be locked to us as a supplier at any point.
We will not hide your design and source files from you like other design houses.
You will be able to take the work done and continue with another partner.

Network of manufacturing partners

Network of manufacturing partners

You will be able to leverage our network of manufacturing partners.
We will help you find the best manufacturer for your project.
You will not have to be locked to single manufacturing partner.

intelletual property

Your Intellectual Property is safe

We treat IP very seriously and put our best effort to protect it.
We will deliver you all the source and design files.

Our Clients

Business model

Extended office

Our team can be a part of existing development team. This is a perfect solution for clients who need to extend their development capabilities or simply need to outsource resource consuming tasks.

Per project cooperation

This model is applied when a client has a specific project or modules that needs to be developed. The whole project is managed by ARS and the whole responsibility for timelines and delivers is solely on ARS.

Joint R&D projects

ARS is interested in joint cooperation in development of innovative technology and products. If there is a mutual interest, ARS might co-invest the project together with the client.