Resistance is NOT futile!

Are you the same electronics enthusiast as we are? Are you passionate about making tangible products?
We are! We love what we do, and we are wrapping up all our products in this love.
Our purpose is to enjoy the creative process of developing new products. With us, you will be making tangible stuff that will make you proud. Knowing that you are helping people and simplifying their lives with your designs. Standing behind each of them, knowing that you are with us on the mission to develop awesome products.

To make this possible, we pay a lot of attention to make the best engineering team.
So, we need you, not only as the expert, but as the best person unwilling to sacrifice dreams and creative power.

Here is what you need to know before joining:


ARS | Basics 01 | life at company


Be prepared to take on the impossible.

ARS | Basics 02 | life at company

Use “the force” to fight the strongest players on the market.

ARS | Basics 03 | life at company

Electronics is our fun! We don’t need table football!!!


ARS | Basics 04 | life at company

Think out of the box and find workaround with available tools.

ARS | Basics 05 | life at company

Be slightly crazy. You can see that we are also.


  • Cutting edge technologies

  • Trainings & Education

  • Work/Life balance

  • Flexible working hours

  • Competitive salary

  • Performance bonuses

  • Happy hour

  • Snacks

  • Casual dress style

  • Games

  • Work from home

  • benefits - parking


Our values

  • Our values | Be accountable

    Be accountable
    Always fulfill your promises, as to your co-workers and also to partners and clients. Execute your commitments and complete work to the end, on time, without expecting someone else to do it for you.

    Each one of us is accountable for himself and his work, but also for the overall success and well-being of the company.

    Exploit the company’s resources with care and responsibly treat all the information and data.

  • Our values | Never stop learning

    Never stop learning
    Consider gaining new skills and knowledge as a personal obligation for all of us, so as creative approach at work, openness for new suggestions, ideas and knowledge.

    Learn from your mistakes and openly talk about them, so that your colleagues can also learn.

  • Our values | Give your best

    Take action
    Take initiative, but also risks. It is important to think several steps ahead in order to foresee the needs of clients and react in a timely manner.

    Fix problems and look for solutions, without waiting for someone else to do it.

  • Our values | Take action

    Let the best idea win
    Share your ideas with the team and do not be not afraid to stand up for them.

    Also, be open to carefully listen and adopt to other people’s ideas, by letting go of ego, prejudice and putting the company’s interest first.

  • Our Values | Let the best idea win

    Give your best
    Strive to be the best in everything you do.

    We are evaluating our performance and results, and constantly trying to find a way to improve our processes, skills, work environment and relationships with co-workers and clients.

    Keep looking how to deliver better products and how to do it faster.

  • Our values | Be open

    Be open
    Be open and honest to your colleagues, company and to the clients. We are openly talking about the problems, thus solving them immediately, on-time and before they escalate.

    We are open for suggestions and feedback from our colleagues and clients and we treat each other with respect and kindness.

    We see openness as a two-way street, so both employees and company count on each other for constructive feedback, mutual understanding and sharing of core values.

What we do

What we do | Audio weather station

Audio Jack Weather station

World’s Smallest Weather Station. Real-time, accurate weather measurements straight to your mobile device at the blink of an eye. Connects via audio jack.

What we do | Bluetooth weather station

Bluetooth Weather station

Weather@Point BLE is a personal, keychain sized tiny weather station that provides the most accurate weather measurements on the spot.

What we do | CO2 sensor

Environmental Sensor

Pocket size environmental and air quality sensor with Bluetooth Low Energy connection and mobile application.

What we do | Golf watch

Smartwatch for golf players

Smartwatch that integrates standard watch features, but also contains advanced motion algorithms, steps counting, running, calories burning, daily activity goals tracking etc. And, the most important, golf playing features, like statistics, hazard yardages, hits, etc.

Connects to cloud and smartphone via Bluetooth.

What we do | Emergency Exit controller

Emergency Exit controller

For monitoring of unauthorized usage of emergency exits.
It is used in hospitals, shopping malls, public institutions and any other facilities that require control of access to emergency exits.

What we do | GSM controller

Smart GSM controller

Device for remote control and alarm notifications via GSM network with Android and IOS applications for user friendly interaction.

Product enables application in multiple industry areas like security, building and parking access control, heating and pump control, automation, m2m communication, etc.

What we do | GSM controller product
What we do | IoT home alarm

IoT home alarm

Smart IoT home alarm that connects to cloud and mobile application. Consists of main hub, external and internal warning devices and wireless peripheral sensors for smoke, motion, door/window detection.

What we do | Smart microphone

Smart microphone

Smartest and smallest microphone on Earth designed for professional use. Studio quality in a pocket. Features advanced functions like compressed and uncompressed audio streaming, algorithms for audio processing like noise reduction, filters, limiters, etc.

Works with IOS and Android applications for remote control and monitoring.