Projects done

Electronic product development

Some examples of projects where we took care of whole process from concept to final product that is ready for manufacturing.

Sports | Physiotherapy

BFR Professional training

Controller for BFR training, based on BLE SoC Cortex M4, integrates prneumatic valve and pump drivers, differential pressure sensor, memory, Li-PO battery charger and monitor

Sports | Medical | Physiotherapy

Gesture recognition

Motion & gesture recognition controller for based on BLE SoC Cortex M4, Qi Wireless charger, QSPI memory, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, pressure sensor, inclination, USB -C , battery monitor


COVID-19 Tester

Lateral flow test device based on BLE SoC cortex M4, uses analog frontend ADC for measuring of electrochemical signals, Li-PO battery charger, USB C, connector for saliva cartridge

Industrial | IoT | Control

Smart sauna control board

Digital control board, integrates PIC24F mcu, communication bus, digital I/O, transformer current monitoring chips, switching power supply.

Security | IoT | Consumer

Home alarm IoT hub

Linux based IoT Hub. Cortex A5 mpu, 500Mhz, Z-Wave, SD card, eMMC, TFT touch screen, battery charger & monitor, PCIe, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Industrial | IoT

Industrial WiFi IoT gateway

Industrial WiFi IoT gateway for collecting data from sensors. Based on Cortex M0 WI-FI module. Integrates controller for air pump and interface for sensor board,

Sensors | Industrial | IoT

Smart Sauna Sensor board

Sensor board: Air quality, temperature, humidity, noise level, and optional IR sensor for remote temperature measuring.

Industrial | IoT | Control

Smart Sauna heater monitor

High current heater monitoring and control board. Contains current measurements transformers and triacs.

Consumer | Sensors

Mobile weather station

Sensor device that uses audio jack for power and communication. Measures temperature, humidity, air pressure and light intensity.


Alarm controller

Board with motion sensor, switching power supply, step-up convertor for siren, RS485, latching relay output.

Sensors | Industrial | IoT

Animal welfare sensors

Sensor board: CO2, NH3, temperature, humidity, with optional external temperature probe, RGB and LUX sensor.

Industrial | IoT

Smart Sauna Wi-Fi gateway

IoT gateway for collecting sensor data and sending it to the cloud via WiFi. Integrates Cortex M4 mcu, WiFi module, switching power supply, communication bus and digital I/O.

Consumer | Audio

Audio DAC

Audio digital to analog converter. 32bit mcu, high speed usb, audio DAC chip, digital signal multiplexer, analog stereo audio output, SPDIF, optical input. 6 layer mixed signal board.


Security device

Low power security device. Motion detection with 9 axis sensor, loud audio alert, switching power supply, RS485, latched relay output, DIP switch configuration

Security | Control

GSM controller & alarm

GSM controller and communicator device. USB communication, 4 digital inputs, 2 relay outputs, battery charger and backup, temperature sensor, extension port.

Consumer | Audio

Audio recorder

6 layer RIGID-FLEX PCB with 8GB flash storage, ARM cortex M7, battery charger, high speed USB, 6 digital microphones, audio DSP chip, Bluetooth classic and Bluetooth Low energy, 2 x external SRAM memory chip.

Industrial | Sensors

Ultrasonic temperature sensors

Sensor board with USB-OTG, ultrasonic transducers for temperature and wind measurement, humidity, pressure and temperature mems sensors. ARM cortex M7

Security | Control

GSM controller

GSM controller and communicator device. 4 digital inputs, 2 relay outputs, RS 232 connection, step down convertor, battery charger and backup circuit.


Xbee addon shield

Xbee wireless communication extension board for IOT.

Consumer | Audio

Audio recorder

SD card, ARM cortex M3, battery charger, high speed USB, 4 digital microphones, audio DSP chip. 6 layer PCB.

Security | IoT | Consumer

Alarm keypad with NFC

NFC circuit and antenna. Touch keypad, background lighting and LED RGB driver, buzzer with driver circuit.

Industrial | Control

RS232 over Powerline

Powerline communication module. RS232 over powerline, 2 digital optocoupled inputs, 2 NPN optcoupled outputs


Bluetooth Air Quality sensor

Portable, low power environmental sensor. Powered by Bluetooth Low Energy SoC, CO2 sensor, RH+T and pressure sensor. Contains Li-Po battery charger.

Consumer I Sensors

Motion & Gesture recognition

Bluetooth Low Energy system on a chip ARM Cortex M4, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, atmospheric pressure sensor, USB Li-PO battery charger, QSPI flash memory, Micro SD card,

Consumer | Security

Authentication device

Device for secured authentication via Bluetooth Low Energy or USB.Contains OLED display, BLE module, battery charger, PIC mcu with crypto-engine.

Consumer | Sensors

Bluetooth weather station

Bluetooth Low Energy weather station. UV+Light sensor, RH+T, barometer. Li-Po Battery charger, BLE SoC.

IoT | Wearables

Wearable Temperature Sensor

Bluetooth Low Energy board with temperature sensor to monitor kids body temperature and sleep patterns. Integrates BLE 5.0 SoC, battery charger, eeprom memory, power control circuit


Matrix LED display

Matrix led display panel for use in various products. Uses I2C communication protocol for connecting multiple displays. Based on STM32 mcu.

Wearables | IoT Edge | Gesture Recognition

Wearable Motion Sensor with AI

Wearable Motion Sensor with AI for gesture recognition, integrates BLE SoC, wireless charger, memory, 10 axis motion sensors

IoT | Sensors | home automation

Wireless Environmental Sensors

Wireless board based on Z-Wave 700 series with environmental sensors: CO2, NH3, CO, humidity, temperature, light, pressure, UV, IR temperature, VOC

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