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Interview – Nebojša Stojiljković, Firmware Engineer

We continue with the unique stories of our employees which will bring you closer to a different way of working in our company. Our “Jedi“, Nebojša Stojiljković, who works with firmware, shared his experience on various projects which he completes from the home office. How long have you been working here? Can you tell us […]

Interview – Danilo Marić, QA Engineer

As we previously announced, the stories from our “Jedi Order“ will bring you closer to our work and the atmosphere in the company. This time, our “Jedi“ comes from another position – QA Engineer, Danilo Marić, shares his experiences on the current position and describes his favourite parts of the job. How long have you […]

Interview – Lajoš Erdoš, Hardware Engineer

There is no better way to get to know the work and culture of our company than through the daily struggles of our “Jedis” with the new technologies. In order to present our company and what we do, we’ve decided to run a set of interviews with our employees who would describe their experiences and […]