The experience of a mAR(S)tian on internship

Ognjen Jarčević told us – in few words – what internship at ARS looks like from the point of view of a trainee. You can watch the video interview on the ARS Instagram profile at the following link.

1. How did you become an intern at ARS?

I saw a nice picture of a microcontroller on the door of a very nice building while I was walking down the street and I thought: “I have to apply for an internship here.”

2. How long have you been a trainee?

Four months already  – and only –  since July. In the end, it turned out great that my friends did not organize our summer vacation.

3. How much time do you spend in at your internship?

20 hours a week, mostly at home in the quiet hours when I’m most productive, like any student. I work on a real company project and constantly learn through it, with the continual guidance of an infallible mentor.
4. What do you do specifically during your internship? On which projects?

I’m testing a rocket exp… khm, khm… I’m writing firmware in C for a smart bracelet, soon I will do the Artificial Intelligence (AI) for motion recognition as well.

5. How do you combine your internship with your faculty obligations?

Without any problems, due to complete time flexibility as well as with the help of colleagues who are always ready to clarify all exam questions.

6. What do you particularly like about ARS?

Unlimited coffee. The feeling of importance and integrity of my knowledge that comes from working independently, in a small team.

7. What words would you use to describe ARS?

  • Friendly
  • Exciting
  • Organized

8. What are your colleagues like?

Better than me at table football. They have warm characters. They are always there to help, even when it is not their responsibility.