Category: Case Studies

Case study: Development of IoT system for welfare monitoring of farm animals

Project overview: Intensive farming systems create a litany of animal welfare concerns. To increase the well-being of farm animals, alternatives to current management practices are essential. Farming equipment manufacturer from the UK wanted to create a product that can be used for environmental monitoring at animal farms. System should monitor environmental conditions like air temperature, […]

Case Study: Bluetooth pocket-size weather station

Project overview: The client, startup company from the US, wanted to develop a prototype of device that will be used as a personal pocket size weather station. Business objective was to perform market testing and showcasing in crowd-sourcing campaign and online media. Technical details of the project: Device includes following sensors: humidity, air pressure, temperature, […]

Case study: Detecting product weak spots before reaching market

During the development of the home alarm system, the client requested pre-compliance environmental tests for all components of the system (alarm hub, external siren, door/window sensor and PIR sensor). Purpose of these tests was to identify potential failures on hardware during early stage of the development. That will give us and the client enough time […]

Case study: Package tracking

The client wanted a system with software and hardware that will enable him to track package with stem cells from hospital to stem cell bank. In order to do this, it was required to develop software solution and integrate with hardware tracking device. For position tracking, GSM signal has been used, since it provides enough […]

Case study: Development of IoT smart sauna system

Project overview: The client, Sauna manufacturer from Finland, needed a completely new product, that will enable monitoring and control of sauna via cloud. Intended use of this system is for predictive maintenance, better insight into sauna usage, remote control and remote technical support. The approach: After analysis of project requirements, we have build a quick […]

Case study: GSM Alarm & controller device

The client wanted a device that can be used for alarm alerts, monitoring and remote control and via GSM network. The device can be used in residential but also industrial applications. Purpose of device is to enable SMS or call notifications in case of alerts, but also use remote controller. It can be also be […]

Case study: Alarm device for emergency exit

  Client had an existing product on the market that was originally developed by another company. The product had high failure rates in the field due to poor hardware design. The battery life was 25% shorter than expected. Firmware was unstable, causing unpredictable alarm triggering and issues during disarm process. Product was difficult to produce, […]

Case study: Audio jack micro weather station

The client had a prototype that was not functioning properly. It was not possible to manufacture it due to inappropriate design. The device was compatible only with 10% of Android phones available on the market. Due to issues in development and whole situation, project was almost 2 years behind the schedule on crowd-sourcing campaign and […]