Case study: Audio jack micro weather station

What we do | Audio weather station

Project description:
The client, startup company from USA, had a prototype that was not functioning properly. It was not possible to manufacture it due to inappropriate design.
The device was compatible with only 10% of Android phones available on the market. Due to issues in development and whole situation, project was almost 2 years behind the schedule on crowd-sourcing platform and the client’s team was dismissed.
Also, some of the design and source files were not documented, so restarting the project required a reverse engineering of existing device.

Our team did:
– Reverse engineering of existing PCB
– Reverse engineer of communication protocol
– Complete redesign of hardware
– Completely new firmware and communication protocol
– Preparing for manufacturing (test procedures, test software and firmware flashing and calibration fixtures)
– Enclosure redesign
– Manufacturing support (supervising mfg process)
– Rewriting Android mobile application (complete restructuring, modifications of algorithms and design) making it compatible with 96% of Android the phones
– Creating mobile application for IOS
– Development of cloud application for data collection