Case Study: Development of Bluetooth pocket – size weather station

Project overview:

The client, startup company from the US, wanted to develop a prototype of device that will be used as a personal pocket size weather station. Business objective was to perform market testing and showcasing in crowd-sourcing campaign and online media.

Technical details of the project:

Device includes following sensors: humidity, air pressure, temperature, light, UV radiation.
Device is battery powered and integrates Li-Po charger.
Communication with smartphone is established via Bluetooth Low Energy.
Device supports BLE OTA firmware upgrade and it is based on Nordic NRF52 BLE SoC

This is a custom product with low volume production (few hundred units).

Our team did the complete project development:
– PCB design
– Firmware development
– Cross-platform (IOS & Android) app development
– Enclosure design
– Package design
– sourcing and organizing manufacturing of small batches (PCBA, enclosure, assembly)