Case study: Development of GSM Alarm & controller device

Project overview:

Security company from Austria wanted to introduce new product that would complement other products from their existing portfolio. This would enable company to increase revenue by offering more complete range of security and access control solutions to existing and new customers.
After analysis of their customer needs, the request was that new product can work as independent alarm and control unit, but must also be able to integrate with other products (safe deposit locks, door safety bars etc.) It must enable alarm alerts, monitoring and remote control and via GSM network.

Since product is intendend to be used in specific low volume applications, development time was the number one criteria, so in order to accelerate it, we used our existing design platform to create electronic device that can be used in residential but also industrial applications.
Purpose of device is to enable SMS or call notifications in case of alerts, but also used as remote controller for access control (safe deposits, gates, doors and parking barriers)

ARS team did the following:

– Hardware design (Schematics, PCB)
– Firmware development
– PC software for configuration and FW upgrade
– Android application development
– Manufacturing support
– Certification support and EMC testing