Collaborating for Success: Overcoming Industry Challenges with ARS

We always like to ask our partners about their satisfaction level with our collaboration. We value hearing about areas where we can improve, as only honest feedback can help us become better and establish a long-term, high-quality partnership.

1. How would you describe your collaboration with us?

We started small with two embedded software engineers working for us. Within almost two years we scaled the team up to seven ARS engineers, covering electronics, firmware and testing. This organic growth helped us in mutually understanding each other’s business and building trust. The project teams at AIDU, which contain both internal and external engineers, are managed by us. This helps us in building up and maintaining a team spirit independent of which company the individual people are working for. This is important in order to be able to build the best product for the customer. Within this setup, the colleagues from ARS are very valued for their contribution on an engineering level, but also for providing great ideas in order to make our products better.

2. What was the criteria for partner selection?

The matrix included various factors such as engineering capabilities, availability of talents on the market, price, the country’s political stability and many more. In the end some potential partners were pretty close, so the positive gut feeling with ARS made the difference. And we were proven correct – the partnership between us and ARS has always been based on mutual trust, transparency and professionalism.

3. What kind of problems have you encountered in your collaboration with us? And how satisfied are you with the way we handled the issues?

Like in every collaboration there have also been downsides. Problems happen – it’s just important to handle them professionally. In the end those problems made our collaboration even better.

4. What challenges do you face in your industry?

On the one hand, we see an enormous potential coming with new digital business models in the industry. Most of them require data as provided by our products. So there is an increasing demand on new IoT products.

On the other hand, we are particularly affected by skilled labor shortage because of our geographic location. This picturesque village is very popular amongst tourists seeking for a summer vacation in the mountains and on the lakeside, but it is hard to find highly skilled engineers within our area. Especially for young people, living in a bigger city is more tempting than moving to a rural region. That’s why we heavily depend on external development partners.

5. How ARS helped with these challenges?

Building up long-term relationships with partners like ARS helps us to cope with the rising demand on digital product development projects. ARS helps us a lot with their experience in all phases of development such as prototyping, development of hardware and firmware, testing, certification and transition to production. At ARS the engineers not only track their development tasks, but instead aim for getting the best products out to the market. That’s why we value ARS as a solution provider and are looking forward to continue the success story together.