Enhancing Safety and Efficiency in Vehicle Workshops with High Voltage System Measurements

ARS develops products that help people work more safely, efficiently, securely, and with less stress.

AVL DiTEST workSAFE is a device designed to facilitate safety-relevant measurements on the high-voltage system of electric drivetrain vehicles.

In particular, these measurements include verifying the absence of voltage, checking the equipotential bonding, and measuring the insulation resistance. workSAFE allows you to verify and document the deenergized condition of the vehicle quickly and reliably with clear result assessment. This is essential in order to safely carry out service or repair work.

It is ideal for use in workshops due to its durability and rugged design, and can generate up to 1500 volts, making it suitable for use in future generations of vehicles.

At ARS, we contributed to the development of this device by:

  • Participating in firmware development in embedded C
  • Creating GUI test applications using the Qt framework in C++
  • Implementing and testing several measurement modes, including working with high voltages (1500V)
  • Implementing support for battery charging monitoring and control
  • Implementing remote control of the device using Bluetooth low energy
  • Writing extensive technical documentation on supported measurement modes

If you have a need to develop similar product for automotive diagnostic feel free to contact our team!